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MONTREAL, MAY 28, 2015 Six elementary schools participated in a contest sponsored by the EMSB and Montreal-based energy efficiency solutions company Énergère to help promote and raise awareness of energy efficiency and protecting the planet. Their mandate was to create leaves or petals with ideas or actions that students can do everyday to protect the environment, and place them on an eight-foot by eight-foot outline of a tree on a coroplast poster board.

Judges Laëtitia Jouanlau, Wendy Singer and Zoe Bennett visited each school, and were highly impressed by the beauty of each student's designs and the obvious concern they showed for the health of our planet in their messages. They chose winning messages that were judged based on their originality, beauty, and respect of the theme. Judges were also mandated to choose one tree out of the six participating schools as the winner. This tree, which was judged on its beauty, will be displayed at the EMSB head office on Fielding Avenue in NDG.

Congratulations to Dante Elementary School in St. Léonard for creating the overall winning tree!   Judges were dazzled by the artistic finesse, attention to detail, and thought that went into growing Dante’s tree. Under the creative guidance of Art Teacher Franca Mambro, this tree has an immediate visual impact; a veritable feast for the eyes and senses. And the impact continues as one takes the time to examine all that grows within this work of art. 

Highlighted by its sky blue background, this tree is an experience of four seasons, from snowy leafless branches to crunchy orange and red fall leaves, to vibrant greens. Using textures and different mediums, the realism of each leaf is impressive. Creative additions include a birdhouse, butterflies, bird’s nest, maple syrup bucket, birds, snails, an earthworm, and a Dante school plaque. 

Congratulations to Dante students and the Art Club, who put much thought, time, and love of the environment into their tree.  The other schools, also part of the energy efficiency project which participated were Pierre Elliott Trudeau School in Rosemount; St. Gabriel School in Pointe St. Charles; Gerald McShane School in Montreal North; and East Hill School and Michelangelo International in Riviere des Prairies.

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