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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 – Defined as paying attention in a particular way that allows us to respond rather than react, positive awareness through mindfulness is taking hold at Elizabeth Ballantyne School in Montreal West.

Spearheaded by Rekha Magon, the co-founder of Innerrhythm (, teachers are being trained to focus on mindfulness fundamentals such as: how to interact with students in a mindfully and be mindful role models, how to face challenges and respond mindfully in the classroom setting and how to create mindful energy in the classroom using Feng Shui.

As Rekha will be working with both students and staff for the entire year, the first assembly of the year involved Mindfulness training for the entire school.

“It was such a great experience for the entire Elizabeth Ballantyne school community,” said Principal, Otis Delaney. “Rekha has wonderful presentation skills and she gives students a balanced and healthy experience that keeps them energized, engaged, and ready to learn.”

Through a combination of experiential movement, breath work, and mindfulness practice, educators will be learning how to reduce stress, increase patience and coping skills, cultivate empathy, strengthen relationships while also building a personal mindfulness practice for themselves.

The “Mindfulness Initiative” also comes with a Mindfulness Curriculum Kit for students that helps improve classroom management, behavioural patterns, reduce tension and anxiety, decrease bullying, and helps to improve positive interaction in the school.




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