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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 – With the digital world continuously evolving, parents across the English Montreal School Board are invited to a special evening on October 13 at 7 pm at Marymount Academy International (5100 Cote St. Luc Road) where renowned expert, Alissa Sklar, Ph.D. will be holding a session discussing “Smartphones, Sexting & Social Media: What Parents Need to Know.”

The presentation and discussion with Sklar will delve into what parents should know when it comes to kids and digital technology and what parents can do to promote safe, responsible, creative and productive use of these tools. 

“Our children are digital natives, growing up in a wired world we could never have imagined during our own school years. The Internet places an incredibly powerful set of resources at their fingertips, allowing them to communicate, entertain and inform themselves at all times and in all places,” said Linda Luca, Spiritual Guidance and Community Involvement Animator at Marymount Academy International. “However, it is vital that children are taught to use technology in ways that are creative and productive, but also safe and responsible.”

Alissa Sklar, Ph.D. runs risk(within)reason, a Montreal consultancy project focused on kids, technology and risky behaviours. Dr. Sklar has a Ph.D. in communications and cultural studies, taught in the Communication Studies Department at Concordia University and worked in the field of adolescent risk prevention at McGill University. In addition to her academic and consulting work, Dr. Sklar is a mom of three, and a multiple award winning feature writer, with a particular interest in parenting, youth and digital technology issues.


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