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MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 12, 2002– In response to the demand from school nurses and other school-related personnel, two new publications provide guidelines for the treatment and prevention of pediculosis, or head lice.

Pediculosis is a condition involving the infestation of lice in the hair and usually affects children in institutional social settings (the school milieu, camps, daycare, etc.). Pediculosis: Intervention Tools – A Compendium of Tools for the Monitoring of Head Lice in Schools outlines an approach for the treatment and prevention within the school milieu. It has been distributed to principals of all elementary schools for the new school year. Training sessions for school nurses coincided with its release. A second document, Lice, Lice, Lice: All there is to know about Head Lice, was made available to elementary schools and sent to all schools last year. It contains guidelines for treatment and prevention.

These publications are the result a collaboration of representatives of the CLSC and the Direction de la santé publique and represent an approach that requires the sharing of reponsibilities among parents, schools, CLSC’s, and the Direction de la santé publique.

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