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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 3, 2002- Followers of the RaŽlian cult, a religion that endorses the cloning of human beings and believes that mankind was created by a race of extra-terrestrials, are canvassing students at Montreal high schools to secure an audience for a protest against the Roman Catholic Church on October 12. The campaign began on September 30.

EMSB students are being advised to consider this group as a cult and to avoid engaging in conversations with the RaŽlians. Should students ask questions, it is imperative not to provide names or addresses. They should restrict themselves to one or two critical questions and then walk away.

During the recent debate on human cloning, a representative of the cult presented a brief before a U.S. Congressional committee investigating the controversial subject. Claud Vorilhon, now known as RaŽl, founded the cult in 1973. RaŽl had predicted that a human being would be cloned last winter.

The RaŽllian cult claims humanity was created by aliens in laboratories, information that RaŽl was given upon a meeting with an extra-terrestrial in France, who claims he visited the earth by way of a flying saucer.

This movement, known as the International RaŽlian Movement, claims that the aliens, known as the Elohim, will formally visit our planet once world peace is achieved and an embassy has been built for them in Jerusalem. The cult's original symbol was the Star of David with a Swastika inserted in its center. The Swastika was abandoned as a symbol for the RaŽlian religion in February 1991, due to the bitter feelings it evolved in the Jewish community because of its association with the Nazi Holocaust.

The RaŽlians also caused a stir back in November 1992, when cult members distributed 10,000 condoms to students attending high schools operated by the former Montreal Catholic School Commission. The dedication of the RaŽlian followers is illustrated in the Toronto Star's article, "'ET' Believers Give Condoms to Students" (November 11, 1992) by RaŽlian spokesperson Marie-Marcelle Godbout who said, "We (the RaŽlians) believe that the school board hasn't assumed its responsibilities, so we're here to wake them up."

It is estimated that the cult has 20,000 to 30,000 members, the majority being based in Europe, particularly French-speaking countries. Reports suggest nearly 4,000 followers are based in Quebec.

Any schools targeted by the RaŽlians are urged to contact their regional director and/or the communications and marketing division of the EMSB.

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