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MONTREAL, JANUARY 16, 2003— The English Montreal School Board has extended its congratulations to Cycle III students from Coronation Elementary School in Côte des Neiges who did a two-hour live broadcast Jan. 15 on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3 FM) from the Science Center in the Old Port.

Broadcasts were in French and English, with one student singing a special song in her mother tongue of Tamil. The theme for this January broadcast was "New Beginnings." Sixty Cycle III students participated. "Our students thought ‘New Beginnings’ would be a great theme because of the many new challenges they will face when they enter high school," says teacher Esther Alcime.

Some of the subjects dealt with on the program included choices of high school, leadership, babies and new life, immigration and the celebration of the New Year in countries around the world. An interview took place with Principal Diane Wood Nolan. Songs were performed by the Senior Choir, under the direction of Lucia Smith-Williams. The Senior Steelpan band also provided entertainment under the guidance of Salah Wilson. Educators working on the project were Alcime, Fadila Amiri, Maria Antonakakis, Pamela Price and Jeanne Registre.

This is part of a Ministry of Education (Supporting Montreal Schools) project involving a number of schools in the province. Coronation has been the only English school participating for the past three years. Ms. Wood Nolan says that this ties in perfectly with Quebec’s new curriculum reform and allows student expression through the use of radio as a form of media. It also promotes multiculturalism, as well as teamwork and cooperation. Students, parents and personnel have all played key roles in getting Radio Coronation on the air.

The project, formally known as "Radio Enfant," is the creation of Michel Delorme. He is a parent at l’école primaire du Grand Boisé in Chelsea, Quebec who launched a radio station there two years ago. Coronation has another broadcast planned for next spring.

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