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MONTREAL, MARCH 26, 2003— After a 36 year career in public education, Director General Charley E.E. Levy will be parting ways with the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) at the end of June 2003.

Mr. Levy will retire at the end of his third year in office, a term which has been characterized by many achievements: a much improved financial position for the Board and a more credible public image; a consistent focus on the pedagogical mission of the Board; and the improvement of learning sustained by the development of the institution as a learning organization. Mr. Levy intends to maintain this legacy by way of a strategic plan that is soon to be approved by the EMSB Council of Commissioners.

Asked about future plans, Mr. Levy stated his unequivocal intention to put his experience and expertise immediately to use in other venues, directly or indirectly related to education.

Prior to succeeding Angelo Komatsoulis as director general on July 1, 2000, Mr. Levy served as the EMSB’s deputy director general for two years and held the same post for the final year of the former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM). He had previously served as the PSBGM’s director of instructional services for six years. Prior to that, he was acting director of instructional services (1989-90), assistant director of instructional services (1984-89), and a principal and vice-principal in the system for 12 years.

In 1997 Mr. Levy was selected as a member of the Quebec Ministry of Education Task Force on the Reform of Curriculum. His expertise in the domain of education, pedagogical applications of computer technology, and administration has been called upon on numerous occasions by various provincial committees and advisory boards.

At its May 1999 convention, the Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec (AAESQ) presented Mr. Levy with its Outstanding Achievement Award. Mr. Levy holds an MA in French Literature from Middlebury College in Vermont.

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