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MONTREAL, MAY 28, 2003- Antonio Lacroce has been appointed the next Director General of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB), effective June 30, 2003. He will succeed Charley E.E. Levy, who is retiring.

Mr. Lacroce, who is presently the EMSB’s deputy director general for the Education Division, has 29 years of service in the public education sector. Prior to assuming his present responsibilities on July 1, 2000, he was the EMSB’s director of human resources for a year and chaired the long range planning committee. When the EMSB was established on July 1, 1998, he was appointed one of three regional directors, continuing in the role he had fulfilled the previous three years with the former Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal. Prior to that, Mr. Lacroce spent seven years as the principal of Sir Winston Churchill High School (now LaurenHill) in Saint Laurent and Rosemount High School. He entered the education system as a physics teacher.

Mr. Lacroce holds a B.Sc. of Physics (Honours) from Loyola College (now Concordia University) and a M.Sc. of Physics from Université de Montréal. He also holds a Diploma in Secondary Education from McGill University. Mr. Lacroce has served on the executives for a number of educational institutions.

Charley E.E. Levy

After a 36 year career in public education, Mr. Levy will step down as director general of the EMSB on June 30, 2003 following his third year in office. Prior to succeeding Angelo Komatsoulis as director general on July 1, 2000, he served as the EMSB’s deputy director general for two years and held the same post for the final year of the former PSBGM. He had previously served as the PSBGM’s director of instructional services for six years. Prior to that, he was acting director of instructional services (1989-90), assistant director of instructional services (1984-89), and a principal and vice-principal in the system for 12 years.

Renzo Orsi

Renzo Orsi, the EMSB's deputy director general (Administrative Division), will also retire at the end of the present academic year. Mr. Orsi served in that position since July 1, 2000. He has 35 years of service in the public education sector. Prior to becoming deputy director general, Mr. Orsi was as one of three EMSB three regional directors and worked for the former Commission scolaire Jerome-Le Royer (CSJLR), where he was the director of English Educational Services. He served that same Board as a principal and vice-principal at a number of schools and taught geography and history.

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