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MONTREAL, MAY 14, 2004- Lynn Bourdeau, a teacher at the English Montreal School Board (EMSB), was honoured recently by the Île de Savoir Committee which is devoted to promoting science through elementary school projects. The ceremony took place at the Centre Aérospatiale in the East End.

Ms. Bourdeau was among 17 teachers from across the province and the only one from the EMSB to receive a $500 bursary from the Committee, which is partnership between the City of Montreal, the Quebec government and the Université de Montréal of Montreal. Presently teaching French to Secondary I and II students at Royal West Academy, Ms. Bourdeau was a French and Science teacher at Our Lady of Pompei Elementary School in Ahuntsic in April 2003 when the bursary was presented.

At the Centre Aérospatiale Ms. Bourdeau was provided with an opportunity to give a powerpoint presentation about her project and its findings. She also received a certificate of completion from Île de Savoir. Her project involved birds of prey, and how they adapt to their environment according to what and how much they eat every year. She received a $500 bursary in April of 2003, when she was a French Immersion and Science teacher at Our Lady of Pompei School in Montreal North. As part of the bursary package, Ms. Bourdeau also attended three methodology seminars at the University of Montreal (in which she received three graduate level credits from the university), participated in a one-day stage at the Union Québécoise pour la Réhabilitation des oiseaux de Proie. (UQROP), a bird of prey sanctuary located in St. Hyacinthe, and wrote a 4,000-word article about her project.

Ms. Bourdeau had undertaken the project with her Grade 6 science classes. The main focus was on the owl, in which the students dissected owl pellets. Through this, they were able to reconstruct what the owl had eaten and how they can digest their prey in its entirety. They also researched how the owl adapts to its own environment when it hunts for food, especially how they can see clearly at nighttime, and how their large claws can easily catch and crush its prey. They also examined the owl’s place on the food chain as opposed to humans, as well as how pollution affects animals and birds of prey on their place in the food chain.

Among the EMSB representatives on hand at the reception were Deputy Director General Donald A. Reid, Commissioner Rocco Barbieri (the former principal of Our Lady of Pompei) and Laurier Macdonald Career Centre Assistant Director Gus Porchetta, who as the Board’s Science Consultant last year encouraged Ms. Bourdeau to apply for the bursary.

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