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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 8, 2015 – English Montreal School Board Chairman Angela Mancini and Director General Ann Marie Matheson are very pleased with the feedback they are getting about the special meeting they hosted with governing board parents on October 6.

Just under 100 Governing Board parents from primary and secondary schools across the territory attended a meeting at the EMSB head office on Fielding Avenue in NDG last evening. Ms. Matheson extended the invitation to all Governing Parents in order to meet and thank them for their contributions, to introduce herself and members of the EMSB team and to consult parents on the reorganization of the regional parents’ committees now that the EMSB has two regions – east and west. Also on the agenda was a brief overview of the basic operations of the governing boards and the partnerships between outside organizations and our schools.

Ms.  Matheson gave the parents a brief overview of the structure of the regions since 1998 following the amalgamation of the school boards.  The parents were given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments on both the re-structuring of the regions and on any other topic of their choice.

A majority of the parents in attendance explained that the needs of the students far outweigh any concerns expressed regarding the reorganization of the parent committees.  “The feedback that we got is that parents primarily value the contributions made in the best interest of the students,”  said Ms. Mancini. “Good teaching and learning circumstances are at the forefront of what parents want.  The number and structure of regional parents’ committees seemed far less important.”

The Director General concluded the evening by thanking all the parents for attending and stated that there would be more opportunities in the future for this type of forum to discuss issues that matter.

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