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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 18, 2004- A new and unique comic book which will raise funds for the Montreal Children’s Hospital was formally launched before students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School at the factory of Cantor’s Bakery in St. Michel on Oct. 18.

Tony Medeiros, the vice-president and co-owner of the successful bakery chain, attended Pierre Elliott Trudeau in Rosemount (then known as Francesca Cabrini) as a child. He later went on to attend Vincent Massey Collegiate while working part-time at Cantor’s. He continued to work at the bakery, moving up the ladder to the ownership ranks two years ago. The company president and Medeiros’ partner, Bernie Lash, attended the former St. Laurent High School which merged with Sir Winston Churchill High School a decade ago to become LaurenHill Academy.

Medeiros always had a love for art and this month he is releasing a comic book called Dr. Robot, which will raise funds for the hospital. This comic is under the imprint called X-Press Comics, which showcases established artists to new audiences. An initial press run of 5,000 copies was prepared for sale at Famous Players in Montreal to coincide with the premieres of Shark Tales and The Incredibles at only $2 each. Mr. Medeiros is the publisher and editor. Bernie E. Mireault is the comic artist for Dr. Robot.

Mr. Medeiros expects to raise $13,000 for the hospital. This year marks the 80th anniversary of Cantors. Medeiros has created a charity called "Cantor Fundamentals." In the winter he hopes to launch a Children’s Film Festival and start working with EMSB schools. With this in mind he was overjoyed to welcome Principal Walter Turchyn and 30 students from Grades 3 to 5 to the factory. Mr. Turchyn called it a wonderful educational excursion. The tour allowed them to bear witness to cakes being made and decorated and danishes packaged for vending machines. Bagels, breads and rolls were coming out of the oven piping hot while giant mixmasters were at work making 15 kinds of muffins. They were shown how all of the cooking equipment is cleaned thoroughly each day and some youngsters even got to shape some twist rolls. Very briefly they stepped inside a 40 below zero freezer where all the goods destined for supermarkets are stored.

Medeiros then guided everyone to his Board room where some freshly baked donuts awaited them. Following the snack he gave the students complimentary copies of the comic book and provided a demonstration of Robosapien, the toy robot which each purchaser of a book is eligible to win. Dr. Robot is geared towards people of all ages, even the very young. Because there are just pictures, readers can create their own storylines. So impressed were some of then students with the project, they insisted on leaving $2 each to go to the hospital.

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