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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 16, 2004- The students and staff at Laurier Macdonald High School will officially launch their new book, Faded Memories, on Wednesday, Dec. 1 (7:30 p.m.) at the Centre Leonardo da Vinci (8370 Lacordaire) in St Léonard. This dynamic program will feature a video, guest speakers, readings of excerpts from the book, and some theatrical interpretations of stories. The book is the latest publication in a series including Rainbow of Dreams, Memories in Black and White, Once upon a Journey and Whispering Dreams.

Each publication is dedicated to the memories of past generations; each an inspirational collection of stories about love, hope, death, change and above all, dreams. Like its predecessors in this collection, Faded Memories is a multimedia, cross-curricular project designed to engage students in writing, students in writing, photography, computer technologies and other activities as they researched the history behind selected family photographs and artifacts. Students gathered information about social, historical and geographical contexts to write short vignettes called "Footprints" that relate to the themes of the stories. What was exciting for the students was finding historical information that related to their families and cultural groups. This allowed the authors to easily integrate history.

Through the publication of this book, students have taken the time and effort to listen to their grandparents’ old stories. Laurier Macdonald media education teachers Frank Tiseo and Leon Llewellyn headed this project, serving as editors of the book along with Professor Winston Emery of McGill University’s Faculty of Education and Michele Luchs, presently on loan to the Ministry of Education. Audrey Berner, also a media education teacher at the school, served as a supervising editor. "For students researching their family histories, rifling through shoeboxes filled with pictures and documents was much like excavating an ancient Egyptian pyramid rich with mummies and hieroglyphics," emphasize the editors. "The stories were written with the soul, the mind and the heart. Some brought tears, others smiles, and some even fear; but most of all, the stories were expressed through the human emotion of fulfillment."

Mosé Persico, a native of St. Léonard and host of CFCF’s TV’s Entertainment Spotlight program, will be among the guest speakers. Principal Pat Buttino will be the master of ceremonies.

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