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MONTREAL, MAY 10, 2005- Carlyle Elementary School in T.M.R. (109 Carlyle) will hold its annual Curriculum Fair, with opening ceremonies scheduled for Wed. May 11 (6:30 p.m.). It will continue on Thurs. May 12 (9:20 a.m to 2:40 a.m.).

Each year Carlyle’s staff of dedicated teachers and support personnel, and students in all cycles from Pre-K to grade 6, plan and organize a spectacular display of their work based on a theme integrated into each strand of the curriculum. What began over 15 years ago as a small-scale science fair has over the years metamorphosed into a grand event.

This year’s theme explores our roots and cultures and is aptly titled "BRIDGING CULTURES." The school’s student body is a multicultural mosaic – each class took advantage of the extraordinary contributions our cultures bring to the school; the students researched, discussed, wrote about and worked on projects that explored languages, customs, celebrations and crafts from countries our families come from. We "virtually" visited and learned about Canada, China, Bangladesh, Chile, France, Greece, India, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, and our First Nations.

The school gym has been transformed into a showroom where, among other things, one can "visit" a mini outdoor market, read about and follow Corduroy Bear on his hot-air balloon travels, learn about kite making, kite festivals, rangoli art and pottery, find out about Picasso and Cubism, read illustrated tales from other countries, check out the Chinese New Year horoscope, see displays of hand made crafts, and even stop and visit a ‘cabane a sucre’.

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