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MONTREAL, MAY 16, 2005- On behalf of the Minister of Education, Sports and Recreation, Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier, the Member of the Quebec National Assembly, Mr. Russell Copeman, formally announced today that $2 million in funding has been approved for the construction of a new gymnasium at Royal West Academy in Montreal West.

The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) has been making representatives for this specific project for many years. Royal West’s 800 plus students are housed in a 70 year facility. Neither of its two gymnasiums meet the minimum standard for competition. More importantly, they do not conform to the Ministry code when it comes to safety and security. Complicating matters even further is the fact the school auditorium does not meet the basic needs either. As a result, gym classes often have to be disrupted to accommodate special events, assemblies, concerts, presentations and theatrical productions.

EMSB Chairman Dominic Spiridigliozzi said that the tendering process will get underway immediately, with the objective of having the project completed by September 2006. This will be a stand alone gymnasium, constructed on existing Royal West property.

Mr. Spiridigliozzi expressed his gratitude to Mr. Copeman, the EMSB administrators, Montreal West Commissioner Dr. John Simms and members of the Royal West Academy family who worked so hard to make this project become a reality.

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