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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 25, 2005- The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Marketing Committee today unveiled a new strategy it hopes will contribute to increased awareness of the programs it offers.

Montreal businessman Georges Haligua has agreed to sponsor a $25,000 advertising campaign for EMSB elementary and high schools. EMSB Chairman Dominic Spiridigliozzi and Marketing Chair Sylvia LoBianco lauded Mr. Haligua’s efforts and called on others to follow his lead.

"Mr. Haligua is a product of the public school system in Paris and his daughters attended public school here in Montreal," said Mr. Spiridigliozzi. "His daughters are now in university. Yet, when he was approached to lend us a hand he did so without hesitation."

Ms. LoBianco says her committee will now be approaching others, particularly individuals who did graduate from the public system, to see if they can assist the EMSB. Mr. Haligua has agreed to help lead this campaign. "We have a very limited advertising budget where our youth sector is concerned," said Ms. LoBianco. "The EMSB has so many wonderful programs that we want more people to know about."

Initially, the EMSB campaign will include advertisements on radio and daily newspapers.


Born in Madrid in 1955, Mr. Haligua grew up in Paris, France where he completed an MBA before moving on to Switzerland and ultimately completed a PhD (Finance).

Before embarking upon his current endeavors, Mr. Haligua began his career in the field of merchant banking/mergers and acquisitions. He was recruited by a major bank where he was groomed for the executive suite, answering directly to the bank’s CEO. Mr. Haligua worked in several departments before being posted to the organization’s International Banking Division office in Calgary, Alberta. His experience in the area of international finance firmly established, Mr. Haligua then moved on to work for Hunter Financial Services as a senior vice-president before taking over that firm as CEO in 1983. After expanding that company’s operations, Mr. Haligua found himself seeking new challenges and was named chairman and CEO of United Financial Bank (in 1984), a position he held until 1990 when he oversaw the very successful sale of that company and decided to move east to Montreal.

Once established in Montreal, Mr. Haligua utilized his vast experience to create a number of highly successful enterprises. These companies, including Imvest Corporation, Aventis Technologies, Hermes Bankorp and United Financial Investment Bank, are involved in a number of industries which are based not only in Montreal but a dozen other major cities around the globe. On a personal note, Mr. Haligua is involved with a number of causes which are linked directly to his strong belief in the basic rights of security, shelter and education. As a result, Mr. Haligua has utilized his position to support organizations involved in the welfare of children. A voracious reader, he also enjoys racing cars and is an avid art collector. Mr. Haligua has two university aged daughters.

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