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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 27, 2006 — Shawn Browne, a star performer for the professional basketball Montreal Matrix, will return to his former elementary school, Coronation (4810 Van Horne), in Côte des Neiges on Thursday, March 2 (10 a.m.) to shoot some hoops with the students and talk about the importance of education.

Nicknamed “Smoke” for the energy and intensity he creates on the court, Browne came to Canada from St. Vincent, Grenadines, in the Caribbean. After attending Coronation, he played organized basketball for the first time at Sir Winston Churchill High School (now LaurenHill Academy), in St. Laurent and lead his team to two consecutive league championships in the late eighties. Browne also attended the Hargrave Military Academy in Chatam, Virginia, where he had the opportunity to play in a highly competitive league that featured many future NBA talents such as Jerry Stackhouse.

Studying early childhood education at Virginia Tech, Browne played three seasons in the NCAA from 1995 to 1998. As a testament to his strong all-around play, the forward was rewarded in his second season with the Team Defensive Player of the Year honours. He later played for a second division team in Corsica, France, leading his conference in scoring before making the jump to a first division club with whom he averaged 29.9 points per game.

Browne values the importance of being involved in the community, often visiting schools to talk with kids about his experiences and the efforts needed to reach our goals. He also coaches basketball at the Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Association. Coronation Principal Diane Wood said that Browne was a steady influence on her students over the past few years. “He had to stop his after school program with us because he signed with the Matrix,” she said. “We are happy to welcome him back.”

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