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MONTREAL, JANUARY 21. 2016 – As the English Montreal School Board begins to prepare its Brief on draft Bill 86, Chairman  Angela Mancini  recently invited all union  and management associations to contribute.

Following a very successful meeting on Jan. 6, with over 200 school governing board members, Ms. Mancini and Vice-Chair Sylvia Lo Bianco invited representatives from the four unions and three management associations to a meeting. 

The purpose of last night’s meeting was to gather input on what should be included in the EMSB’s Brief to Education Minister François  Blais regarding Bill 86, which proposes a re-structuring of school board governance that limits the public’s right to vote for commissioners.    

“We have made it clear from the start that the position we intend to put forward is not solely that of the elected Council of Commissioners,” stated Ms. Mancini.  “We want our Brief to reflect a common and collective vision. It is important that we represent the views of all of our stakeholders - our parents, unionized employees and management staff.”

The parties invited to meet with the Chairman were:

  • Montreal Teachers` Association (MTA)
  • Association professionnelle du personnel administrative (APPA/CSN),
  • Syndicat des professionnelles et professionnels du Milieu de l`Éducation de Montréal (SPPMEM)
  • Féderation des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec (FTQ).
  • Association of English Montreal Board Administrators (AEMBA),
  • Association of Montreal School Administrators (AMSA),
  • Association Québécoise des Cadres scolaires (AQCS),

“We are delighted by the fact that the vast majority of our school governing boards have already met to pronounce themselves on Bill 86,” said Ms. Mancini. “The Governing Boards are not in favor of Bill 86.   Their resolutions speak for themselves.  There is absolutely no valid reason for the government to change the electoral system in the midst of a democratically established mandate. Our Brief will reflect what our community thinks.”

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