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MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 10, 2016  – The eyes of students at Dalkeith Elementary School in Anjou and Rosemount High School will be squarely on Kenya as both schools are launching initiatives through the Free the Children organization to benefit children and families.

Rosemount students began a three-year Adopt a Village program where proceeds from various fundraising efforts will be directed to developing communities in Kenya. These communities are notorious for high levels of child labour, exploitation and minimal opportunities for advancement. Ultimately, the efforts will lead to the construction of a school.

The first fundraising activity at Rosemount was the Comedy for a Cause fundraiser, which was held in October.

Students at Dalkeith Elementary School will build on momentum from We Day on February 22 to begin the Farm Animal Bundle project. Proceeds from their fundraising initiative will sponsor families in developing communities through the purchase of three goats and 15 chicks. The ultimate goal of the project is to teach families the skills to run a sustainable business and lead to self-sufficiency.

Spiritual and Community Animator Vince Lacroce  and Sandra Trevisonno, Cycle 3 teacher at Dalkeith Elementary School are overseeing the respective projects.

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