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SEPTEMBER 15, 2006- The English Montreal School Board (EMSB), the Foster Pavilion and the CSSS St. Leonard – St Michel will sign an historic three-way entente on Monday, September 18 (3 p.m). This event will occur at the CSSS (Centre de santé et de services sociaux) St. Leonard – St Michel (5540 Jarry East) in St. Léonard.

For many years students at the EMSB have benefited from the rehabilitation services of Foster Pavilion in the west end of Montreal with respect to substance abuse. Now, through the concerted efforts of the various representatives from Foster Pavilion, the CSSS St. Leonard – St Michel, and EMSB Assistant Director of Student Services, Dora Cesta. Students and other English speaking clients in the east end will benefit from access to these rehabilitation services with the founding and establishment of the Foster Pavilion East.

"We are grateful to all those who worked diligently to establish this important partnership for the welfare of youth who suffer from the effects of substance abuse," states EMSB Director General Antonio Lacroce. "We are all too familiar with the issue of substance abuse, both in our schools and in our society in general. We are a nation of excess and addiction in so many ways, and substance abuse is a bi-product of this malaise of unsatisfied needs both in our youth and in many facets of our society."

As Mr. Lacroce explains, for years students in the west end of Montreal have benefited from the rehabilitation services of the Foster Pavilion, which addresses the issues of alcohol, drug and gambling addiction and offers programs of rehabilitation for English- speaking youth aged 12 to 17 and adults aged 18 and over. The Foster Pavilion offers a wide range of outpatient services aimed at both individuals and family, including information, consultation, counseling and recreational activities. The Foster Pavilion is staffed with professional teams whose aim is to foster wellness among our youth with at risk behaviors and addictions.

The EMSB plans to hold an information meeting with the principals from nine East End EMSB schools (Vincent Massey Collegiate, Rosemount, Laurier Macdonald, John Paul I, Perspectives I and II, John F. Kennedy, Lester B. Pearson, St. Raphael and Cité des Prairies ) which will now receive services from the Foster Pavilion. "We are inviting our principals to a meeting because it is they who are in the trenches with these troubled youth," said Mr. Lacroce. "They are the ones working directly or indirectly with Foster Pavilion for the betterment of their student body to alleviate the suffering of substance abuse, and to help students through their recovery process."

Meanwhile, as a follow-up to the signing of the new entente another session has been scheduled for Tues. Oct. 10 (3 p.m.) at Laurier Macdonald High School (7355 Viau) in St. Léonard. This session will provide an opportunity for the directors of the four East End CSSS and the Foster Pavilion East to meet with principals, guidance counselors and professionals from the school teams.

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