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MONTREAL, APRIL 19, 2016 - On the eve of Earth Day, Hampstead Elementary School (83 Thurlow) will welcome four special guests on Thursday, April 21 (9 a.m.).

Miss Earth Canada National Director Ronaldo Soriano Trono will be accompanied by Miss Earth Quebec 2015 Jade Caron, Miss Earth Quebec 2014 and Miss Fil Canada  2013 Marie Antonette Carbon  and Rosie Abigail Smith, one of the finalists in the 2015  Miss Earth Canada Pageant.

Miss Earth Canada is an annual competition in which the winner must show her commitment to environmental awareness and the preservation of the planet. They are given the opportunity to highlight these goals through events locally and internationally.   

Jade Caron grew up in Montreal North in a multicultural environment where more than one language was spoken and where a variety of cultures and religions were mixed. Quickly she had to learn to develop her sense of diplomacy and an open mind about the world around her. Perfectly bilingual in French and English, she also manages to communicate in Russian and Creole.  She has a degree in fashion marketing. It is her intent to use this knowledge of marketing and communications to promote responsible consumption and respect of our mother earth, a cause close to her heart. She also wishes to debunk the myths and taboos associated with mental illness, in particular attention deficit disorder, an obstacle she has to live with herself.

''It is our responsibility as  Canadian citizens to promote the tools that will help our community to achieve its full potential,” says Jade. “For a happy and prosperous society we need a healthy and safe environment for us and the future generations of Canadians who will continue our quest for a better world. It is a must for our community to be in a good physical health, but also to be in a good mental health, capable of promoting our economy and our values.”

Marie-Antonette Carbon, 24, is a Registered Nursing Auxiliary and recently graduated from CDI College. She plans on going back to school to specialize in pediatric care. In the meantime, she’s currently working as sales associate at Jaffna market.

 “Aside from being a strong independent woman, my defining moment has to be when I was chosen as the environment ambassador of the Filipino community in Canada,” she said. '' Realizing how important it is to have a clean air and a clean environment makes one understand the importance of even The simplest gestures such as, yes, taking the bus or riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. Any journey begins with the first step.''
Rosie Abigail Smith was born and raised in Hawkesbury, Ontario in a household where good values and morals are crucial. This definitely shaped the person she is today. Even though life has thrown challenging experiences in her path, she used those struggling moments to become a stronger person, a true survivor. For that, she lives by the motto of "Never, never, never give up" by Winston Churchill. She believes that God's purpose of putting her on this Earth is to be a shoulder for the ones in need, so at a very early age she strived to transform her dreams into plans. Now she's an actress, a model, a singer, a dancer and she uses her art to deliver a good message, like acting in ending violence towards women movies, bullying, etc. She moved to     Montreal to attend school and get her professional theatre education. Her hobbies consists of going to church often, travelling, and helping the homeless. It is engraved in her soul to bring positivity to the world, and this amazing opportunity gives her a voice to be heard.

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