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MONTREAL, MAY 4, 2016 -  The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) is pleased with the decision rendered by Quebec Superior Court Judge Marie-Claude Lalande who dismissed a request for a Safeguard Order that would have temporarily reversed a decision made by the Council of Commissioners to allow ALL elected Regional Parent Delegates a vote at the Central Parents’ Committee.
Three parents, Andrew Ross, David Benoit and Eamon Egan, a group calling themselves “Parents for a Democratic EMSB”, took the EMSB to court last Friday after a much publicized media campaign.  The trio, representing themselves, alleged that their rights as elected parent representatives had been infringed upon by the board and undertook to prove as much by asking for the Superior Court of Quebec for a Safeguard Order. 
The criteria to have a Safeguard Order granted are: urgency, appearance of right, irreparable harm and balance of convenience.  Superior Court Judge Lalande dismissed the case, stating in her verdict:

  • That there is no urgency for a Safeguard Order. It has been two months since the contested decision;
  • That although there may be an ‘appearance’ of right, at this stage, the right of the three parents is far from clear;
  • That the Plaintiffs did not show any irreparable harm;
  • That the Court considers that the balance of convenience tilts in favor of the school board because if the Safeguard Order had been granted, 26 parents would be prevented from voting at the Central Parents Committee.

“I am very pleased with the court’s decision” said Chairman Mancini.  “The Council would never have made the change to the structure of the Central Parents’ Committee had a significant number of parents not asked us to do so.  This was a grassroots initiative; and the Council demonstrated its support for ALL parents and for the fundamental democratic premise of: one school – one delegate – one vote.”

Joanne Charron, a Parent Commissioner representing the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services (ACSES), also expressed her delight with the verdict. “I hope this is finally all behind us. There are so many great things going on in our EMSB schools.  It’s time to focus on building for the future.” 

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