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MONTREAL, MAY 10, 2016  – There is a distinct buzz in the air at Laurier Macdonald High School (7355 Viau) in St. Leonard as the school is set to welcome two beehives on May 30.

Working alongside Alvéole, a company that promotes urban honeybee colonies, students at Laurier Macdonald will become the first at English Montreal School Board to welcome these new visitors onto school grounds.

The two colonies will be installed on the roof of the school, above the main student entrance. Students will be able to monitor the bees from the library, which has a window that will overlook the colonies.

In advance of the installation of the beehives, a group of students have been visiting classes to educate their peers on the importance of bees as well as ease any fears regarding their presence. Furthermore, the team from Alvéole will make routine visits to the school to answer questions, ease any concerns and ensure the well being of the school’s newest tenants.

“Honeybees have been dying. If these precious creatures completely disappear, our food supply goes along with them,” said Amanda Viselli, a Grade 10 student at Laurier Macdonald. “Honeybees pollinate 30 percent of the world's crops and 90 percent of our wild plants. They are directly responsible for the survival and growth of human beings.”

With education and preservation as two key elements of this project, the project will also result in honey production. The organic honey, produced by the bees from the two colonies, will be sold at Laurier Macdonald when ready. Proceeds will benefit protecting the honeybee population. 

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