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MONTREAL, MAY 16, 2016 – Dollar by dollar, Genia Palechka, a Grade 10 student at Laurier Macdonald High School in St. Leonard is trying to make a difference.

In light of the recent wildfires that destroyed Fort McMurray and left tens of thousands homeless, Genia began a crowdfunding campaign with the immediate goal of helping those in affected as well as with the long-term objective of inspiring her peers to start taking action on global and communal issues.

“I would like to help the residents of Fort McMurray in their time of need. They can use a helping hand,” said Genia. “Many people do not take initiative on issues; I would like to inspire the youth to do just that. I would like young people to realize that they can raise awareness of anything, regardless of their age.”

To date, Genia’s campaign has raised $195 via donations from the Laurier Macdonald community.

“Everyone’s voice should be heard, by reaching my goal, it would show others that nothing is impossible and you can do whatever you set out to do. You do not need a reason to help others; I want to make a positive change.”

Contributions can be made through the following link: All monies raised will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

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