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MONTREAL, MAY 19, 2016– Lester B. Pearson High School’s (LPBHS) trailblazing Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) honoured International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia by launching their official Lester B. Pearson Safe-Space logo.

The Safe-Space logo launch took place on May 18, in the plaza of the Montreal North high school, with nearly 100 LBPHS students, staff, and alumni in attendance. The logo was unveiled by student Melissa, to great applause.

The purpose of the Safe-Space logo is to identify and educate individuals who will affirm and support all persons, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Stickers with the logo will be distributed to staff members to display in or outside of their classrooms or office spaces. The logo was inspired by the universal sign of safety, diversity and acceptance, and has been embraced by the LBPHS community.

Carmen Nicholas, principal of LBPHS, addressed attendees: “Our priority is to have a safe and caring school environment that promotes equity and diversity for all. Today is another demonstration of the strength of our community. It is a place where everyone has equal opportunity and access to learning.”

LBPHS Guidance Counsellor Natasha Krsteski thanked the school administrators and teachers, amongst others, for being in favour of a strong GSA movement and its activities. “We’re bridging the GSA community with the rest of the school community,” stated Krsteski. “It has started a conversation, is promoting awareness, and is sending a message that we embrace diversity.”

GSA Chairperson and Grade 11 student Amanda was touched to see so many people in attendance. “It is important that teachers care about the diversity of their students and that students know that they are safe in their home away from home.”

In its third year of operation, LBPHS’ Gay-Straight alliance was the first of its kind in the English Montreal School Board. LBPHS has a GSA room where all are welcome. The Alliance is visible and active within the student body. It focuses not only on sexual orientation and gender identity, but also celebrates students of all backgrounds and abilities.

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