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MONTREAL, MAY 31, 2016 - The annual Science Fair at John Grant High School in Côte-Saint Luc took place on May 16, exploring the topics of Mythical Creatures: Fact or Fiction, Air, Water, Health, and Technology.

This year’s Science Fair was bigger than ever, boasting 40 exhibitors. Students were tasked to choose a topic that was relevant to them. Their interests varied, including uncovering the answers behind zombies, vampires, why the sky is a light shade of blue, hoverboards, paranormal activity, constellations, loggerhead turtles, and more.

Project work began in October. Students have worked diligently since then in preparation for the Fair. With the direction of Science teacher Tatiana Lednow, students focused on the multiple dimensions of the project, from research to the preparation of their project displays and oral explanations of their research.

Student Jason was interested in the megalodon, meaning “big tooth,” the prehistoric shark that was the largest that ever lived. In addition to his informative table display and oral presentation, he and Ms. Lednow created a life-size replica of the megalodon’s mouth, which spanned 11 feet tall and nine feet wide. His papier mâché model hung in the centre of the school gym for all to see. Photo opportunities inside the mouth were offered to visitors.

Student Desreen explored the Northern Lights, explaining various topics such as solar flares, aurora borealis, aurora australis, and the magnetosphere. To complement with her exhibit, Desreen created a replica of the Northern Lights.

Students were well prepared to share the knowledge they gleaned from this learning process, presenting informative summaries of their work and what they had discovered.

Ms. Lednow, who collaborated with Ms. Freed-Burns and Mr. Skeie in the preparation of this Science Fair, is proud of the students. “They’ve done a great job. They’ve learnt a lot, they are proud of themselves, and due to their practical and hard work, they will retain the information that they discovered for years to come,” she shared.

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