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MONTREAL, JUNE 8, 2016 – The English Montreal School Board will implement the new History of Québec and Canada program in Secondary III in September 2016,  Chairman Angela Mancini has confirmed.

“We are doing so with the understanding that there may be some changes to the curriculum before it is finally approved by the Minister of Education, particularly in Secondary IV,” said Ms. Mancini.

The decision to proceed was made by the Directors of English Education Network (DEEN), representing all nine English boards. “The representatives from DEEN agreed to proceed based on comments from pilot schools, training that has already taken place and the availability of resources and English textbooks,” said Ms. Mancini. “Based on all the positives, we agreed as a collective to move forward.”

EMSB Director of Education and Technology Services Sandra Furfaro says that implementing this program now facilitates the purchase of new text books subsidized by the Ministry. In addition, it will provide teachers with opportunities for professional development and the maximum amount of time to familiarize themselves with this program. 

“This decision was taken after much deliberation and is unanimous among the nine English school boards,” commented Ms. Furfaro. “We are going ahead with the confidence that teachers will rise to the challenge and enjoy the rewards of introducing a new History program.”

EMSB Pedagogical Consultant for Social Sciences Tino Bordanaro said that the new program offers many advantages. “It will give us the opportunity to replace tired textbooks with new ones,” he said. “Some teachers have already received professional development and that will be expanded to include all of them later this month.”

Mr. Bordanaro said that the new program is chronological over two years which is an improvement from the current format and it represents a change teachers have been asking for. “This will give the teachers two additional years to develop their lessons before the program is finalized and prepare for the exam before it becomes uniform,” he said. “During these two years, it will also give us the opportunity to continue to provide feedback to the Ministry.”
Ms. Mancini acknowledges that the new program does have some problems. This includes too much nationalism, not enough Canadian content and insufficient attention given to diverse groups. “The problems identified in this new History program are not new,” said Ms. Mancini. “But by implementing it, teachers will have opportunity to address them directly as well as to take local initiatives and provide to their students those History lessons that are pedagogically sound and socially respectful.”

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