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MONTREAL, JUNE 10, 2016  – Beginning in March, which was Elementary School Nutrition Month, dietitians at the English Montreal School Board ventured into classes, working with students to complete fun and educational nutrition related challenges.

The campaign aimed to create nutritional awareness to ensure students develop long-lasting healthy eating habits. Students delved into weekly nutrition themes such as increasing water intake, eating fruits and vegetables and more.

While improving health and nutrition habits were clear motivators for participating in this campaign, the chance of winning a cooking workshop was also a driving force for students. Many classes were successful and multiple cooking workshops were awarded for outstanding participation.

Classes from Edward Murphy School in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Gardenview Elementary School in St. Laurent, Gerald McShane Elementary School in Montreal North as well as the Mackay Centre and Royal Vale in N.D.G. each won individual workshops.

The campaign and cooking workshops were organized by the EMSB’s Cafeteria and Nutrition Education Services of School Organization.

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