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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 25, 2016  – Tedario Speranza, a student at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount, recently joined six of his peers from across Canada on the “We Day” stage in Toronto.

Speranza was selected to represent Quebec following a lengthy interview process, being recognized for his passion for Canada and his commitment to the Canadian Forces and veterans.

“As Canadians, each of us has a different idea of what our country is. This is based on where we live, our own cultural backgrounds and upbringing,” said Speranza. “Being Canadian means that I am a citizen of a country that welcomes and includes many new arrivals, is accepting of people of many different cultures, religions, faiths, and beliefs. A true mosaic.”

“Since the age of four, Tedario has attended Remembrance parades, lead poppy campaigns, organized Remembrance Day projects and has visited our Canadian heroes at their assisted living residences,” said Rocco Speranza, his father and Spiritual and Community Animator at the EMSB.

Tedario will also be part of the “WE Canada 150” public service announcement that will air during the We Day tour in November and December. The PSA was filmed during his time in Toronto.

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