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MONTREAL, DECEMBER 12, 2016 - English Montreal School Board Chairman Angela Mancini has issued the following statement in response to a story published in the South Korean press about students who came to Montreal to study under false pretenses. 

The EMSB has learned that a South Korean agent who has in the past sent students to the Board is embroiled in a controversy in South Korea. The EMSB is being linked to this controversy because the agent created his own website entitled “EMSB Korea,”  which brings readers to the main Board website.  Ms. Mancini said that this agent created the “EMSB Korea”  website without the Board’s knowledge and permission.

 “We are not pleased with how this agent has conducted himself.  And until we can be assured that he and the agent(s) that he deals with in Canada will properly represent our School Board, all dealings with them will be suspended until further notice,” said Ms. Mancini

Ms. Mancini explained that it is the Gyeonggi (Province in South Korea) Federation of Economic Development that sent these students to Montreal.   The Gyeonggi pays for part of the students’ expenses while studying abroad.  These students were originally expected to take vocational training programs at the EMSB.  But upon their arrival in Montreal, they decided to study English in a private school instead.  The deposit for vocational courses that had been sent to the EMSB was refunded and these Korean students never attended the EMSB.  “From what we understand, the students are upset because they claim that the promises made to them in South Korea by the agent, for example regarding employment, were not kept,”  she said.

Ms. Mancini continued: “The EMSB never makes any promises to any international student about visas, immigration status, employment or anything else.  The EMSB is only interested in providing excellent academic and vocational programs to students - domestic and international. We do not make promises to our domestic students regarding financial aid, employment or hourly rate nor do we do so for international students.

“This is an issue between the Gyeonggi Federation of Economic Development and the students,” added Ms. Mancini. “The EMSB has nothing to do with this.   But if an agent, even loosely affiliated with the EMSB, is making false promises I assure you that we will deal with them.  The EMSB not only denounces such practices, but sufficient evidence of such false practices will result in the permanent suspension of the EMSB's dealings with any such agent or agency and damages may be sought.”

Ms. Mancini said the EMSB is looking into how to best handle cases such as these.  Real issues do occur sometimes and when they are brought to our attention, we deal with them quickly and diligently.

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