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MONTREAL, JANUARY 24, 2017 – Beginning with the tap of the home button, Grade 4 students from St. Dorothy Elementary School in St. Michel will be helping seniors establish a digital footprint as they will be holding basic iPad lessons at La Résidence Parc Jarry (7907 boul. St. Laurent) on January 30 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

These students, who use iPads in school on a regular basis, will be giving seniors a brief introductory lesson to the device. This will be followed by a more detailed discussion on picture taking and finally, teaching the residents how to take pictures with iPads.

“In order to properly prepare students for the world around them, it is becoming more and more important that our students learn how to use iPads and other devices in the classroom,” said Sandra Léveillé, Principal of St. Dorothy Elementary School. “I think it’s wonderful that our students can pass their knowledge onto our seniors, so they too can enjoy the wonders of modern technology.”

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