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MONTREAL, APRIL 27, 2017 – Jackie Dare has been chosen as the recipient of  The Learning Partnership’s Welcome to Kindergarten Award for Partnership Excellence 2016/17.

Jackie has been a Kindergarten teacher at Parkdale Elementary School in St. Laurent for the past 23 years. She is known for making an effort to build relationships not only with her students, but with the parents as well. In addition, she helps with mentoring new teachers. One of her goals is to teach young children the importance of respect and kindness.

Marylène Perron, Parkdale’s Principal said: “She makes parents and students feel special. (Parents come to the school just to have their child in her class…)  Every child in her class is hers. Her colleagues admire her…she is a great resource to all.”

Throughout her teaching career, Jackie has had many accomplishments. Some of them include her being a big influence for the KINDER-garten program that helps promote anti-bullying. She has also made a project called Books and Breakfast for her students and their parents to promote the importance of reading. Since then, the program has expanded to become Books, Bears, and Blankets night, in which the whole school community is invited to participate in. In addition, she works closely with the inner city school network (AMSFA).

With all of her hard work and involvement within the school, it is no surprise that she received the Welcome to Kindergarten Award from the Learning Partnership. 

The National Awards Selection Committee recognized Jackie with the best honour.

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