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MONTREAL, JANUARY 26, 2018- The English Montreal School Board has sent a letter to parents and guardians of students who utilize the Transco Bus company to forewarn them about a potential two day strike on Tuesday, January 30 and Wednesday, January 31.

 Transco school bus drivers are presently negotiating a new contract with their employer. On Tuesday night  they refused to accept their management’s contract offer. As such,  notice has been given for the potential strike. This would impact some 6,400 students at 32 primary schools of the EMSB.

The Ministry of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour has intervened and named a mediator.  While it is the hope of the EMSB that a settlement will be reached  in the next few days, a contingency plan is in place.

  • Students who do not usually attend morning or after school daycare services, but who will need daycare due to the strike, may sign up at their school. The deadline is Monday, January 29 at 9 am.  There will be no additional cost for this emergency service.  Parents should contact their child’s school for a daycare registration form.
  • It is understood that some parents / guardians may have difficulty getting their children to and from school and therefore, may choose to keep their children home for two days.
  • Given that some students may be absent, teachers will be asked not to hold any exams, tests or evaluations such that students who stay at home will not be penalized.
  • Schools will do their best to be flexible in understanding that some students may be late in the morning.

The EMSB is encouraging parents who know each other well to discuss carpooling and after-school play date possibilities amongst themselves to help each other out. The school must be informed in writing about who has your permission to pick-up each child up. “We would like to reiterate that the strike days are not yet sure to take place,” stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “The two parties may still come to an agreement.”

The EMSB  will be monitoring the situation closely and will advise parents / guardians by email using the mass notification Blackboard Connect system  as updates become available.

Michael J. Cohen
Communications and Marketing Specialist
English Montreal School Board
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