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MONTREAL, JUNE 11, 2007- When students at Marymount Academy (5100 Côte St. Luc Road) in N.D.G. complete their exams today at 3:15 pm. they will head outside to participate in the greening of their schoolyard, better known as Hedge Hog Haven.

Trucks arrived at the school this morning to dig the holes for the trees and bushes in Hedge Hog Haven. Twenty-two bushes and three trees will be delivered in the course of the morning, and the students will plant them after their exams. Recently the school received agrant of $2,000 from Toyota Evergreen. In addition Toyota/Evergreen onated a tree and an additional 14 shrubs. Cramer Nurseries supplemented the donation by adding materials needed for planting along with a price reduction. The original funding of $2000 has been supplemented by these donations and by an additional tri-party grant of $ 60,000 for the total improvement of the school grounds.

Last fall Marymount became the first English school in the province to be certified as a member of the Brundtland Environmental Group. There are more than 1,000 French schools already involved with this group that has as its mandate to promote pacifism, democracy, solidarity and the environment. This worldwide initiative was established by Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, pioneer of sustainable development and Director-General of the World Health Organization. A Brundtland Commission was established by the United Nations as an independent body to examine the world's environmental and development problems and propose solutions.

This year the school launched its "Marymount Action Group", otherwise known as "The MAG Team". This is an umbrella group sponsoring a variety of activities on Democracy, Solidarity, Peace, and the Environment. Each activity has a spiritual component.

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