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MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 8, 2007- The Communications and Marketing Division of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) facilitated a workshop on "marketing your schools" November 6 at Carlyle Elementary School in T.M.R. This served as an opportunity for staff and governing board representatives to share strategies in advance of winter registration.

EMSB Director General Antonio Lacroce, Long Range Planning Committee Chair Dr. Horace Goddard, Communications Consultant Janice Lacroix and Carlyle Principal Itrat Ahmad provided opening remarks. "What is it we can do to make our schools more attractive?" Mr. Lacroce asked. "Should we establish international schools at the elementary level? We have some at the high school level. Do we expand that? Our high schools offer quality education. You can take our top students and match them with those of any private school."

Dr. Goddard set the stage for the discussion by providing an overview of past, present and future enrolment trends at the EMSB. In 2002-2003 the EMSB youth sector had 26,903 students. There are presently 24,058 students registered and by 2011-2012 that number is expected to drop to 22,727. Dr. Goddard’s complete powerpoint presentation can be accessed by clicking here.

EMSB Communications and Marketing Specialist Michael J. Cohen then engaged the participations in an interactive discussion about different marketing strategies. He announced that as a pilot project the Board will have a shopping mall kiosk at Rockland Centre January 11-13, 2008 with Carlyle, Dunrae Gardens, John Caboto, Coronation, Sinclair Laird, John F. Kennedy High School and John F. Kennedy Business Centre participating. Schools were urged to establish their own marketing committees, play close attention to their websites, be creative in terms of attracting sponsors for promotional campaigns, hold events that could attract media attention. Representatives from various schools on hand shared some interesting projects they have engaged in aimed at enhancing their respective profiles in the community, from ads in the local newspaper to successful fundraising campaigns and the development of DVDs.

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