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MONTREAL,  FEBRUARY 7, 2008-   For Black History Month 2008, a teacher at the English Montreal School Board’s LaurenHill Academy Junior Campus (2355 Decelles Ave) in St. Laurent is preparing to do what he does best – impart fundamental life lessons in a format that’s as far outside the box as it gets. Andrew Adams, a fifth-year English teacher known for galvanizing his students into creative action through annual group publishing projects, is preparing to tackle Black History Month his way. From the photographic poetry calendar “ABCity” to a graphic novel entitled “You Don’t Know Me,” Mr. Adams has gotten to know how Generation ‘i’ learns best, and is preparing to give them fresh insight into a movement they may think they know inside out.

On Monday, February 11 (1 p.m.), Hip Hop Emcee James Sobers, aka BluRum13, will be wielding the microphone and lesson plan for a special workshop on one of today’s most popular, controversial and meaningful cultural movements. A working emcee for over 10 years, BluRum13 has toured the world and collaborated with various artists from Montreal’s own NinjaTune label (DJ Vadim, OneSelf, Kid Koala, Bonobo and more) and given workshops for college students from London to Bratislava to Marseilles. For those students lucky enough to be in the LaurenHill Agora at 1 p.m., BluRum13 accompanied by DJ Soul will be performing a live freestyle set (unwritten rhymes over various beats) followed by a workshop. For Mr. Adams, the event is about offering his grade 8 students an intimate experience with Hip Hop in a live setting. “It’s easy to take emceeing for granted today, TV is saturated with it,” he said.  “But for every emcee you see on TV, there is someone behind the scenes refining the craft. It takes years to cultivate the skills to write and especially to freestyle – I want my kids to develop an appreciation for the time, effort and dedication it takes.”

For BluRum13, giving workshops to young Hip Hoppers is about sharing the history of the genre and most importantly, the positivity. “The vibe and learning kids get in school through these workshops is something I had to sneak out of my house to get as a teenager. After doing so many in Europe, I’ve always wondered why no one seemed to be offering them on my home continent.”

As the Main Event for Black History Month activities at LaurenHill, the BluRum13 & DJ Soul Hip Hop Show at 1 p.m. will be open to the entire school. The workshop is open to all members of the Black History Month Committee during  fourth period.


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