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MONTREAL, MAY 21,  2008 - Student representatives from  Lester B. Pearson High School and École Secondaire Henri Bourassa  in Montreal North,  accompanied by their principals and administrators from the English Montreal School Board and the Commission Scolaire de la Pointe-de-l'Île (CSPI),  held a well attended press conference  May 20  to talk to the media for the first time since last fall’s incidents involving the two schools.

The press conference took place at   Lester B. Pearson High School and concluded a block away at École Secondaire Henri Bourassa where beautiful murals produced by both student bodies were displayed. They also unveiled a joint glossy and bilingual  newsletter which was distributed to the combined 3,500 students at both schools and made a joint cheque presentation of $2,000 to the Projet Animation du Milieu Urbain, an organization which works with youth in the area. Student Council presidents Joey Gendron from Lester B. Pearson and Carol-Ann Bellefeuille from Henri Bourassa spoke about the excellent ties and friendships that have been made between the two student bodies over the last seven months and of plans to maintain this momentum in the future through joint programming. One exchange involved  Lester B. Pearson and École Henri Bourassa students spending a complete day at the other school.

Principals Terrence Quinn and Jean-François Bouchard expressed delight with the initiatives that have been taken, placing all of the credit with the students themselves. They maintained that the incident that occurred last October was an isolated one. As for the murals, the students explained that they decided to use the concept of spilled paint in order to symbolize the negative things that took place. They noted that from that the spilled paint was used as a springboard for both schools to come together and form a new friendship. They used blue paint to represent Lester B. Pearson and yellow to represent Henri Bourassa. When both colours meet they become green, representing the coming together of the two schools. “We don’t expect our mural to solve everything,” student artists Daniela, Fernando, Rodrigo and Luis stated. “It’s one small step in the right direction. The beauty of art is that it starts conversations. We hope that this mural will do that.”


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