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MONTREALNOVEMBER 11, 2008 -    The students of Honoré-Mercier  Elementart School in St. Léonard created a permanent Remembrance Day tribute to Canada’s soldiers who fought – and gave up their lives – in service to their country since the First World War.

On October 30, the entire student population participated in a video recording – which was taken from the roof of the school building -- in which they created giant shapes of the symbols of Remembrance Day, such as the poppy, the Canadian flag, a heart, etc. The taping concluded with a recreation of a field of poppies, in which the flowers’ red colour was achieved by the students wearing special red embroidered school caps that were distributed to them. The caps also doubled as a fundraiser, in which parents were encouraged to donate $3 per cap. The proceeds went towards the Dominion Institute of Canada’s Memory Project. The recording ended up as part of a DVD that the school created, and was distributed to various EMSB schools in time for Remembrance Day. It was narrated by two Canadian veterans from the Memory Project, who also spoke to the students following the taping.

The video can be accessed on Youtube via


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