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MONTREAL, MARCH 11,  2009-  While most children adore canines, dog bites nonetheless remain one of the  leading causes of injury amongst children in North America.  In order to increase awareness about the dangers of dog bites and how to avoid them, as well as how not to be afraid of dogs, St. Gabriel  Elementary School (600 Dublin) in Point St. Charles  and Coronation Elementary School (4810 Van Horne) in Cote des Neiges will be hosting a travelling presentation called “Sarahs Aware …. Not Afraid” on Monday,  March 16 at 9:50 a.m. (St. Gabriel) and 1 p.m. (Coronation).

The presentation will  features its namesake, Sarah, a 15-year-old girl from Saskatchewan who has a passion for animals. She hosts the assembly  with a local veterinarian and, of course, a dog. The objective is  to give students valuable insights into a dog’s behaviour, and when it looks apprehensive, which can lead to it biting someone. It will also teach them what to do and not to do when they are confronted by a dog that may bite, and how to read a dog’s body language.   She will show students several  pet-related crafts that can be done at home and include a segment all about guide dogs and how they play an important role in the lives of their owners.

Over the last  one and a half years Sarah   has enjoyed a number of successful events at venues such as schools, malls and fairs. She currently is fulfilling invitations from school boards in  Montreal, New York,   Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Minneapolis  Sarah's focus is towards children from Kindergarten through Grade 5, as most children who are bitten by a dog are 10 years old and younger. Dog bites are the remain the leading cause of injury among children in North America [2.7 million children in 2007] Emphasis is directed towards teaching the children to be aware of, rather than afraid of, dogs while beimng  respectful  rather than fearful of them. No one breed is targeted through Aware, not Afraid. It is explained that any dog with teeth can bite. Log on to for more details.


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