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MONTREAL, APRIL 20, 2009-  Marymount Academy in N.D.G. turned in a remarkable performance at the recent  Bell Regional Science and Technology Fair  at Marianapolis College.

The Science Fair is always a golden opportunity for students to express their interests and knowledge in the domains of scientific research and phenomena.  This event inspires students to contribute to the development of our society, create solutions to resolve global issues and to cultivate ideas and develop projects that can have a strong positive impact on humanity. The thrill and excitement it brings  are simply unexplainable by any ordinary words. This scientific adventure has been an incredible victory for Marymount Academy. 

Secondary  V students Michael Smith and Noren Din won the bronze medal for their duo-project “Heart Effects” and Secondary  I student Abhinaya Uthamacumaran also won a bronze medal for her solo-project “The Secrets of Coffee.” This was followed by the silver medal winnings of Secondary  IV students Regina Coeli Tolentino and Andrea Cherry in their duo-project “Is the Problem Apparent? These students also won the McGill Psychology awards cash prize. Their colleague Michael Bruccoleri., Secondary IV,  also won silver for his project on “Water Purification.” These students show great interests in the developing fields of science and technology from environmental sciences to the human anatomy.

 Last but not least, Secondary III student Abicumaran Uthamacumaran, won a gold medal,  two science-award cash prizes from McGill University and Dawson College, the opportunity to publish his work in the McGill Journal of Medicine and also the opportunity to attend the Intel Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the world’s largest international pre-cegep science competition, this May in Reno, Nevada, USA with his project “Cracking Cancer with CRK.”  Marymount students prove once again that hard work and passion will make dreams come true.  Like Marva Collins said: "Success doesn't come to you…you go to it.”   


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