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MONTREAL, JUNE 3,  2009-   MONTREAL, JUNE 3, 2009- The first ever English Montreal School Board (EMSB) Daycare Film Festival, known as the EMSBies, will take place at the Administration Building (6000 Fielding) in N.D.G. on June 9 and 10. This festival will feature films from 11 different schools, written, directed, produced and starring more than 300 daycare students from Kindergarten through Grade 6.

There will be showings at   11:30 a.m. on Tuesday,  June 9 and  Wednesday, June 10, with a gala red carpet event on  Wednesday evening, June 10 at 7:30 p.m.
During the process leading up the festival, students  learned about and practiced creative writing, photography, drama and video production. This all culiminated with the preparation of   five to 20 minute films. Students got to participate as producers, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers, editors, lighting and sound specialists.

“In January students were told that they would have the opportunity to create a film,” said Lorne Svarc, the extra-curricular activities advisor for EMSB Daycares. “The only guidelines were to use what was available at school- classrooms, gyms, libraries and of course, the most valuable resource, students. Other than that it was entirely up to them.  The students learned and got to go through the actual process of making a film. They got the full filmmaking experience from conception to finished product.”

Rosa Fuoco, a manager in the Daycare Division, said that the project involved the students doing a lot of brainstorming, character and scene development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, Read throughs and rehearsals, production and post production.  “The kids came out with inventive ambitious ideas, crossing genres and surpassing the limits of adult imaginations from horror films to improv comedies to original music videos.,” she said.

Attached is a schedule of the events and a brief description of each film. Please note that invitation to any of the screenings is by invitation only.

June  9 ( 11:30 A.M.)

Teacher Vs. Bully by St.  Brendan Daycare, Rosemount
The story of a class poised to defeat a mean bully and a crazy teacher at the same time.
Secret Agent Students by St. Monica Daycare, N.D.G.
Two clever young students get to the bottom of the mystery of the principal’s missing cat.
Hockey Italiano by Pierre Elliot Trudeau Daycare, Rosemount
A new Italian student joins a failing floor hockey team and teaches them about soccer, friendship and tolerance.
Daycare, They Care by Hampstead Daycare
Music video of an original song, written and composed by two fifth grade girls about their love and appreciation of daycare.

June 10 (11:30 A.M.)

Mrs. O’Connor’s Last Day by Gerald McShane Daycare, Montreal North
Students have loads of surprises prepared for their ‘favorite’ teacher’s last day.
Mr. Squash by East Hill Daycare, RDP
A new substitute teacher uses unusual measures to gain his class’s attention. This film was made in one day as a PED Day Activity.
Snow White and the 4 Nerds by Dalkeith Daycare, Anjou
It’s the classic fairy tale, but in the 5th grade. This film was made in the morning hours from 7-9 before school.

June 10 (7 P.M. Gala Red Carpet Event)

Dance Dance Dance by Sinclair Laird Daycare, Park Extension
A magical thriller about a secret room in a school where your body starts dancing immediately upon entrance.
On Bullying by Our Lady of Pompei Daycare, Ahuntsic
An abstract look into the psyche of bullies and those who bully.
The Note by John Caboto Daycare, Ahuntsic
A detective sets out to discover who wrote a vicious note about a teacher.
The Haunted Bathroom by Leonardo Da Vinci Daycare, RDP
Toilet Paper Zombies haunt the hallway to rid the school of vandalism.


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