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MONTREAL, JUNE 5,  2009-   In a time of economic recession and budgetary cuts, John Grant High School  in Côte Saint-Luc got a great boost   during the 2008-2009 academic  year thanks to the generous donations it received from various foundations.

John Grant is an alternative learning center that caters exclusively to special need students. Its goal is to meet the specific needs of each teenager so he or she can develop the social and work competencies required to become autonomous adults. The  school motto is “Success for every Student” and they live by it. “This means we are always seeking new materials and new means to motivate our students to learn,” says special education technician Paul Robichaud. “In order to have the money required to buy these materials, many of our staff members have worked together to write out grant proposals.

Their collaborative effort permitted the school to receive the following five grants:

  • The S’cool Life Fund donated $ 4,990.64 to buy art supplies, board games, and sport equipment  that would be used during extra-curricular activities at recess and lunch time. The goal of this project was to teach our students valuable social skills (sharing, taking turns, listening, anger management, etc…) by participating in playful activities. The various sports, art and recreational activities proposed allowed  students to explore and integrate social abilities while they are having fun! 


  • The McKesson Foundation donated $14,156.96 for the purchase of much need books. This project had two components. First of all, the school acquired a high-interest/low vocabulary book collection for all the grade levels. It was used by our English teachers. Although the reading levels in these books are lowered, the topics they address are of high interest to teens. This combination made them very appealing to reluctant readers. Secondly, we bought materials that specifically targeted Character Education, Life Skills, Vocational Skills, Employability Skills and Academic Skills for special needs population. “We believe that the purchase of these products assisted us in the pursuit of two of our main objectives: to increase the literacy level of our students and to teach them the social and works skills they will need in order to be able to find and keep a job,” said MRobichaud.
  • The « Fondation Québécoise de la Déficience Intellectuelle  » donated  $9, 694.64 towards the purchase of equipment to set up a computer lab in our school library. The grant permitted us to buy a SmartBoard, 6 computers, a printer and a scanner.. The availability of a SmartBoard computer lab gives teachers the possibility to bring all the resources available on the internet to the classroom setting. It makes teaching and learning a much more dynamic process.
  • The Shell Environmental Fund contributed $1,759.08 to create a butterfly garden at the school. The garden is used as an outdoor living laboratory in which  students can observe and/or apply first hand the ecology and horticulture lessons they have learned in their classrooms. In addition the garden provides two separate seating areas on our school grounds where students can find tranquility during the school’s recess or lunchtime periods. These areas will be made available to people from our community during the days when our students are not attending school.  “We are close to two senior residences and they will be invited to take advantage of these gardens,” says Mr. Robichaud.
  • The Kino Québec’s « École Active» contest contributed $1,500 to purchase snowshoes for the health at school project that was titled «Raquettons en ville.». The aim of project was to introduce  tudents to a new outside winter activity. Although the activity is quite simple, it permits our students to develop their motor skills while having fun in the fresh air. 

“We would like to thank all the foundations and organizations for believing in our school’s educational mission,” says Principal Demetra Droutsas. “Their generous donations have and will permit us to continue towards our main objective which is ‘Success for every Student.”


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