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Inaugurations planned September 24 and 29

MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 18,  2009-   Two  elementary schools from the English  Montreal School Board (EMSB) have begun the 2009-2010 academic year with brand new identities. Leonardo Da Vinci School in Rivière-des-Prairies  is now known as Leonardo Da Vinci Academy while the school formerly known as Holy Cross in  St. Laurent is now   Fraser Academy.
Leonardo Da Vinci Academy

"We have always aspired to improve the quality of education and have set high standards for our students,” states Principal Phyllis D’Amato. “We believe that our past achievements and awards along with our new additions have made us worthy of being recognized as an academy." 

For the new school year, Leonardo Da Vinci Academy is making a number of  additions to its curriculum. Students from Grades 1 to 6 will get an extra hour of math study every week. In addition, the kindergarten and Cycles one, two and three  students will be given courses that will help them learn the basics of a variety of computer technology and computer applications, ranging from graphic arts, to word processing, spread sheets, the proper use of internet surfing, how to prepare slide shows and smart board presentations, as well as  producing informative videos and animation productions. 
Leonardo Da Vinci Academy has distinguished itself with its specialized music program. It is also a research working school in conjunction with Concordia University’s Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance. Its leadership program allows Cycle three students to develop leadership skills through the big brother/big sister approach, coaching intramural sports teams and animating schoolyard activities. As a Green Brundtland school, it is known as environmentally friendly. Over the past three years, the school has also won several awards for its academic and environmental efforts, including Le Concours Québecois en Entrepreneuriat Volet Montréal, three provincial environmental awards and the $10,000 Musician Award from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Leonardo Da Vinci Academy will have an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, September 24 (9:30 a.m.) at 12024 rue André Dumas in RDP.
Fraser Academy

Meanwhile, Fraser Academy continues the strong tradition of empowering students to achieve self-worth and academic potential.   “Our aim is to guide our students to be successful wherever their choices may lead them,” says Principal Elena Zervas, noting that the new name comes from the street where the school is located. “Our exemplary team of teachers and professionals are committed to preparing our students for lifelong
learning and to nurture their all-around development in a bilingual society. Our curriculum is designed to enhance our students’ French and English literacy skills and to reinforce their mathematical and scientific proficiency, so that success is achieved in today’s technologically enhanced world. Our biggest pride is to witness  tudents make yearly gains in their academic performance through our challenging and motivating curriculum. Valuable leadership skills are also developed through our extensive programs.
Fraser Academy offers students the opportunity to discover their untapped strengths through many co-curricular programs including visual arts, music, physical education and community service. This is an academic community dedicated to instructing the whole child and to cultivate unique talents.

 “Our physical education program instills team building skills, sportsmanship and leadership, so as to encourage a lifetime of participation in physical activity,” said Ms. Zervas. “ As per our tradition, students in cycle three participate in intramural soccer and floor hockey leagues four times a week during lunch. Participating students assist the coordinator with calculating statistics and setting up the scoreboards. Athletic participation is an integral part of Fraser Academy’s overall academic philosophy, as it encourages students to build school pride and promote school spirit.”
Computer Sciences are also taught in conjunction with the curriculum, along with many other applications and computer functions. In addition to the regular computer courses, workshops utilizing the internet and multimedia techniques are also offered at lunch to students on a voluntary basis. “Our annual science fair is an example of inquiry at best,” says Ms. Zervas. “Our students engage in various hands-on activities, inquiry investigations as well as library and internet research, in order to acquire background information about a topic of their choice. The teachers at Fraser Academy embrace science as integrated with other areas of the curriculum.”

The official launch and ribbon cutting at Fraser Academy will take place on Tuesday, September 29 (9 a.m.) at 950 Fraser Avenue in St. Laurent.

Both schools in fact also identify themselves in French as Academie  Leonardo Da Vinci and Academie Fraser.


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