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VISTA –NDG’s Upscale Residence for Active Seniors, Partners with the English Montreal School Board

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Montreal (Quebec) – October 27, 2009.  VISTA, an upscale, ultra modern residential complex for active seniors, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) and two schools from the Commission scolaire de Montreal (CSDM) to develop and deliver the “VISTA Intergenerational Program” (VIP).  The objective of the program is to explore issues of interest to seniors and youth with a view to increasing respect and understanding between the two age groups.  Melior Group, a residential management company and one of VISTA’s main owners, will provide funding to support the program.  The EMSB will manage the program coordination and student participation.

“VISTA provides a destination address for active seniors who want an urban lifestyle close to where they have always lived,” says Ronald A. Brunet, General Manager of VISTA.  “Our goal is to stand apart from other residences.  We have a building of exceptional engineering and design, a panoply of services and amenities for our residents and we strive to be an integral part of our community.  The VISTA Intergenerational Program is an important link to Montreal’s West End.  Through it, VISTA’s residents have the opportunity to learn from various local organizations, while mentoring and learning from our community’s youth.”

The VIP program will consist of regular monthly events at VISTA from now until the end of the school year, with students participating from elementary and secondary schools in both the EMSB and CSDM.  Some of the subjects to be covered include cyber security, personal security, Alzheimers and aging, arts and music.  Content will be presented by a community groups including the Alzheimer’s Society of Montreal, Prevention NDG, as well as EMSB and CSDM instructors.  The program will culminate in a half day conference on intergenerational issues in April.   

One of the first projects under the VISTA Intergenerational Program is an educational game highlighting Canada’s proud history and geography.  VISTA residents, along with elementary students from Willingdon School will participate in the CANADA GAME on November 3, 2009 at VISTA.  Seniors and youth will team up to test their memory and understanding of a variety of Canadian facts.  The game is played in both French and English.

“The VISTA Intergenerational Program is an ideal opportunity for our students and senior citizens to come together in a spirit of mutual respect, and learn from each other in an educational and social manner,” said EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “These days, it’s important for both youth and seniors to understand the issues and concerns that not only affect each group, but also what affects both groups. The VISTA Intergenerational Program will give them that chance to share their knowledge with each other, along with their own unique perspectives.”

VISTA is an upscale, urban apartment complex for active seniors.  Located in Notre-Dame-de-Grace close to the vibrant Monkland Village, VISTA offers a dynamic lifestyle that emphasizes health, security, elegance and comfort.  Personalized services ranging from a bank, pharmacy, pool, hair salon and esthetician are accessible on the main floor of this state-of-the-art building.  Assisted living and long term care services are readily available for individuals with evolving health needs.  VISTA is owned and managed by Melior Group, a Quebec company devoted exclusively to managing seniors' housing facilities. 

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