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“Out With the Table, In With the Desks:” Trevor Williams Kids Foundation Transforms Boardroom to Host Their New Tutoring Program

Montreal, QC, November 12, 2009 – This Fall, the Trevor Williams Kids Foundation has introduced yet another program targeted at fulfilling its mission to keep Montreal’s youth off the streets and in school.  The Tutoring Zone is targeted primarily at young, inner-city student athletes.   Fully funded by the Foundation, it provides a supervised and informative environment for kids to do their homework four days a week after school.

Though the national dropout rate is slowly declining, it is still a major concern, as many Quebec students continue  to face enormous obstacles.  The Tutoring Zone offers much needed support for youth who have the ability to succeed, but simply lack the motivation.  Many coming from low-income households or broken families, their parents are either unwilling or unable to provide them with the help and support they need to achieve academic success. The Tutoring Zone provides these youth with the attention and help that they need to achieve their potential and ultimately, to stay in school.  The tutors consist primarily of volunteer university students, meant to serve as academic instructors, but also as personal role models. 

When it came to deciding how to allocate their scarce funds to maximize the program’s impact, the Trevor Williams Kids Foundation came up with a novel idea.  They wanted to ensure that as much of their funding as possible was being put back into the program, and not used for administrative costs.  Sitting around their conference table, the solution suddenly became clear: the foundation would give up their boardroom and run the program in-house at their Greene Avenue offices.  Just like that, it was out with the table and in with the desks, as TWKF became the new headquarters of the Tutoring Zone, taking in as many children as they could squeeze in, four afternoons a week.

The Trevor Williams Kids Foundation has been actively involved in creating and running preventative programming for youth since its creation in 2002.  However, this is the first program that has been run fully in-house.  This allows the Foundation to put more money into the program and directly benefit more youth in need.  It also allows them to witness, on a day-to-day basis, the positive effects of the work they are doing for the community.
For the past three weeks, youth have been streaming in and out of the Greene Avenue offices, ready and willing to work hard – simply because they know someone is watching.

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