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MONTREAL, APRIL 21, 2010    The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) will mark Earth Day across the system on Thursday, April 22. Here are some examples:

Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School  ( 4700 Lavoisier Street)   in St. Léonard will be cleaning up its schoolyard, holding a used book sale and participating in Defi Climat, a climate awareness campaign and challenge involving several hundred organizations and businesses. All Quebecers are being asked to fight global warming and commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, methane or nitrous oxide

André Rochette, the president of Ecosystem, will visit the school  at 1:15 p.m. to talk to students about his work, the environment, and the fact that his company sponsored the purchase of 700 steel bottles for all our students so they no longer have to bring in disposable water bottles (a value of  $5,000. Ecosystem is an industry leader in energy efficiency services and designs and implements innovative performance projects for the private and public sector. 

Students at John Paul I Junior High School (8455 Pré-Laurin Street) in St. Léonard will focus on  developing a sense of awareness to our world’s water issues. They have been  collecting unconsumed water for a period of seven (7) days during lunchtime.  A graph will show how much water is wasted.  As a second activity to celebrate this day, Secondary I and II International Baccalaureate (IB)  students will be participating in a 5km walk-a-thon around the school to raise money. The students will be carrying the water collected from the in-school activity, as well as rain water, to a community garden.  After the water drop-off, students will walk to  nearby Laurier Macdonald High School, where a picnic lunch will be provided. The day will be concluded with an environmentally friendly movie presented in the auditorium.   

Every 15 seconds a child dies from a water related disease amounting to 6, 000 deaths each day. A total of  $25 provides one person in Eastern Africa with clean water, sanitation, and better health for life.  All money collected  from the walk-a-thon will be given to WaterCan/EauVive,  a Canadian charity dedicated to fighting global poverty by helping the world's poorest people gain access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education.

Students and staff of Edward Murphy Elementary School in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve had lots to celebrate  during an early earth day assembly this week  hosted by  Spiritual Community Animator Rocco Speranza. Students and staff were joined by invited guests Denis Potvin from Metro Domaine Inc grocery stores located at  6550, Rue Sherbrooke Est, Tony Alfano from R.D.P.  Pave and Gardening Centre and Lise Gaudreault, president Arc en Sol community garden. 

According to Mr.  Speranza, these fine people came to the school “simply because they care about our youth, students and environment.” He added  that these individuals. the organizations and businesses they work for along with the students and staff from Edward Murphy will be working together on an ECO-École project that will create a 600 square foot community garden in the school yard. The school will be receiving financial support and knowledge from the organizations involved.  This will allow for a green space in the school yard, a place for plant life to grow and insects and animal life to come to the area.  Students will learn about ecology, planting,  and organic foods.  “This project is a great way for our school to put its green foot   forward,” said Mr.  Speranza.


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