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MONTREAL,  APRIL 28, 2010  A study aimed at evaluating the performance of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB)  administrative head office  was presented  to the Council of Commissioners at their  monthly public meeting on April 28.

The CFC Consulting Group was mandated by the Council last year to present such a report in an effort for the EMSB to be seen as more accountable to the public.  “I believe every organization needs to take the time to examine itself,” stated EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini. “A lot of time and effort was placed into this exercise. I wish to commend the external firm which we brought in. In collaboration with our management team we will now take the time to examine their recommendations.”

Ms. Mancini notes that the  firm was not mandated to do an analysis of the performance or the effectiveness of the Council, nor the structure and internal operations of the schools and centres. The firm conducted individual interviews with commissioners, senior management and  some principals.  Departmental reviews took place for eight services. There was a focus group with employees representing different activities in the schools and centres while surveys went out to all staff.

The report lists a number of key strengths and opportunities for improvement. Key recommendations identified focus on four strategic elements that will have, over the medium term, the most significant impact on the organization’s performance.  For instance, it is recommended that the EMSB  develop integrated annual management plans that determine the priorities and objectives to pursue for the entire administrative centre, in line with and supporting the  organization’s strategic plan. Furthermore, each department should identify the most important performance indicators for its processes and deploy measurement tools to track them. The study also recommends that the EMSB define and implement a partnership process between the departments and the schools and centres and that this be implemented gradually in three stages. Mentioned as well is a focus on the improvement of the effectiveness of the processes that play a strategic role in the overall performance of the organization: staff hiring and evaluation; supporting teachers with special needs students; building maintenance and minor repairs; and long range planning and training workshops for the development of teachers.

An overall plan proposes that the implementation of the  recommendations be phased  in over a three-year period to pace the changes, but focus on clear priorities.

Ms. Mancini emphasizes that up until now this project has been led by the Council and carried out by consultants. “The administration has been most supportive in making this happen,” the report states. “While the commissioners’ involvement is still needed and desirable, the  responsibility for making changes now  resides with management.”
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