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MONTREAL,  MAY 17, 2010  - Carlyle Elementary School in T.M.R. recently showcased its first Exhibit featuring Units of Inquiry based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophy of learning. 

Each family was handed a passport to embark on a journey of learning as they travelled from exhibit to exhibit. Every level, from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6, had done in-depth research on their Unit of Inquiry or thematic laboratory. The teachers and their assistants were extremely proud to showcase their students’ research and displays to the parents and visitors. Each classroom clearly illustrated the IB Attitudes, Profiles and Units of Inquiry. The Daycare program studied the life cycle of the butterfly. The Pre- Kindergarten displayed what they learned about safety in their exhibit. Life-sized paper crafted reproductions of the students sat in a simulated school bus demonstrating the importance of bus safety for school children.

The Kindergarten classes explored the Senses in “Our Sensational Senses.” There were pudding prints for smell, artwork using shimmering multicoloured sand and guessing games of close-up pictures for touch, cardboard string instruments for sound, pointillism paintings for sight, and different, textured food samples for taste.

Genealogy was researched by Grade 1 in “We Are Family.”.A computer monitor ran a video of the students and their activities, all the while being serenaded by the same thematic song that the children themselves were singing. Diorama boxes depicted each student’s unique family in 3-D and a life-sized tree with many actual family trees hanging from it adorned the classroom. Grade 2 became skilled at the concept of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling in “Waste Not, Want Not.”

They created their own mascots using recycled objects, charts of reusable materials and wrote about the different processes of reducing, recycling and what consumers can do to better protect the environment.

Grade 3 studied Raptors in “Rapping Raptors.” Visitors were invited to try to reconstruct the skeleton of a small bird and guessing games of “Raptor or Impostor” were hosted by two students wearing sparkling magician’s hats.

Parents were also treated to live presentations by the students about their raptor diorama boxes, such as the use of the raptors’ senses for their survival, the food chain and man’s impact on that environment. Grade 4 examined Human Migration in “On The Move.” Elaborate family trees, maps and facts were offered, as well as detailed reasons, the impact and the consequences of human migration.

“Take Cover” investigated Natural Disasters by Grade 5. They displayed artwork inspired by natural disasters, comprehensive illustrated charts of all different natural disasters known to humankind, changes that occur in the environment as result of those disasters and the human response. Grade 6 analysed Natural Resources and Energy in “Let’s Get Energized!!!”

Transistor-like card board boxes in all colours offered quizzes for the sharp-minded and keen visitor. The classroom walls had models of different forms of energy, the functions of energy, its impact on the environment and suggestions on how people can be more conscientious consumers. Everyone was encouraged to visit all the interactive exhibits and learn. Added incentive was the plethora of raffle prizes to be won upon the completion of the passport journey! The Carlyle Café whetted the participants’ and visitors’ appetites serving all sorts of savoury and sweet foods. The café was bustling the whole evening, served by a devoted and tireless team of volunteer parents. The hit of the pre-Exhibit with the children was the fishing pond full of prizes for which one had to use a butterfly net to fish out prizes – the catch was to do it using blind folded goggles! The Carlyle Exhibit was a huge success and was definitely a keeper for many years to come.


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