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MONTREAL, May 20, 2010 – On Thursday, June 10 (9:30 a.m.),  two years of fundraising will pay off when Grade 6 students from Michelangelo Elementary School  in RDP (9360 5th Ave)  present an $8,500 cheque  to representatives from the organization Free the Children. These proceeds will go directly towards building a school in Kenya.

Inspired by a visit from Free the Children’s Youth Coordinator in 2008, Grade 5 and 6  students immediately began efforts, both at home and in school,  to raise money towards helping their peers thousands of miles away.

“We wanted to do what we can to help the children in Kenya to go to school,” said  teacher Ida De Laurentiis, who coordinated the project. “After hearing the presentation, the students were very moved and interested; they truly wanted to help out.”

The two years of fundraising not only provided for the school, but the students at Michelangelo   went above and beyond their goal, and are now onto a second project for  Kenya: the construction of a well to further enable more children to attend school.
“We really believe in education for all,” added  Ms. De Laurentiis. “If children do not have to travel two hours to get water every day, they can spend more time learning in the classroom.”


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