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MONTREAL, JUNE 8, 2010-   Excited students channelling their inner Olympian marched into the Nesbitt Elementary School gym on  June 7,  proudly waving their adopted countries’ flags and singing their anthems for the opening ceremonies of World Cup Week.

Organized to illustrate the power of soccer in promoting unity between cu=ltures around the world, World Cup Week was the brainchild of Nancy Saltarelli as an entry for the CBC School Needs Project. Her project ultimately took home the $2,500 prize in the contest, which was organized and funded by CBC Television News Montreal and CBC Radio One's Homerun (88.5 FM), the Foundation of Greater Montreal (FGM) and the Alexander and Ruth Dworkin Foundation (ADF).

“The kids are all super excited to begin playing, but ultimately, the tournament is not about who wins because the children are already winners,” said Ms. Saltarelli. “The money from the CBC School Needs Project has allowed us to buy equipment, t-shirts and a replica World Cup trophy.”

While winning the prize from CBC provided a much needed boost for Nesbitt’s athletic program, it was the core values highlighted in the project which echoed throughout the gym on Monday. Children and coaches representing Australia, Brazil, Botswana, China and Italy took an oath to abide by the values of sportsmanship, peace and respect throughout the tournament, but also ensure they adhere to them for the rest of their lives.
“I promise to play with passion, to play for peace and celebrate diversity for the rest of my life,” recited the children in the players’ oath. “I promise to encourage my team on the field and off the field, to coach with passion and celebrate diversity for the rest of my life,” added the coaches in their oath.

The opening ceremonies wrapped up with a harmonious cover by the students of “Wavin’ Flag”, where the students loudly displayed their patriotism during every chorus. 
Although the tournament will draw to a close on Friday during a day of celebrations which include the championship game and closing ceremonies – with nearly 200 more countries to represent, Nesbitt will undoubtedly turn this celebration into an annual event.
“So many people helped out in organizing this event and we’ve had so much support from staff, local business around the community and Sun Youth,” said Saltarelli. “Our equipment will stay and be used by many more children for many more World Cups. This experience has been wonderful.”


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