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Cellfield Intervention Program Available in Canada: Educational Program/Treatment FOR DIFFICULTIES WITH READING AND RELATED ACTIVITIES

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MONTREAL, June 21, 2010- The Montreal based Stepping Up Resource Centre Inc. is the first and only Canadian licensee to date to offer the revolutionary Cellfield Intervention (Cellfield) educational program and treatment designed to help with reading, comprehension, concentration, attention and retention difficulties, tiredness and/or discomfort induced by reading.  Cellfield is a natural continuum to the educational programs offered by the Stepping Up Resource Centre, such as preparing students for high school entrance exams, evaluation sessions, and specialized tutoring groups.

Mrs. Ingrid Poupart, president and founder of the Stepping Up Resource Centre, has devoted many years professionally and personally to overcoming challenges with reading and comprehension.  In the mid 1980’s Ingrid started working at Edinburgh Elementary School in Montreal West, and within 5 years, she became the Director of the After School Programs.  Under her guidance, the program grew from 60 to over 220 students. Ingrid observed that some kids in the After School Programs could benefit from extra help - so she introduced a highly successful tutoring program that was affordable and accessible to all.  Ingrid became a certified Davis Facilitator based on a program for reading and dyslexia founded by Ronald Davis. Ingrid implemented the ‘Davis Learning Strategies’ into Edinburgh Elementary School.

Following her years at Edinburgh, Ingrid founded and introduced the Stepping Up program at Edinburgh Elementary School with the premise of demystifying the high school entrance process, to answer questions about applications and programs, whether in the private or public sector. The program and Ingrid’s personal experience proved to be a great asset, and the program caught on quickly. One mother says:  “Stepping Up really helped my children to know what to expect through the practice exams and the practice interviews, they are a great way to prepare children for High School entrance exams and to help put children at ease with the whole process”

Ingrid Poupart discovered Cellfield while searching for new treatments and techniques that worked simultaneously on phonics, visual pathways and the active working memory of the printed word. Ms. Poupart was approved as the first Canadian licensee in 2009 and has since launched the initial programs at the Stepping Up Resource Centre in March 2010.

Cellfield is a Southport, Queensland, Australian company created and founded by Mr. Dimitri Caplygin, (BSc. Engineering Merit, University of New South Wales). Mr. Caplygin was personally moved by the widespread suffering of dyslexics, and was bewildered by the positions of exclusivity taken by many scientists as to the causes of dyslexia.  The first Cellfield clinic was opened in Queensland in early 2002, with the objective of addressing reading disorders through neural change. This is reflected in the Cellfield patent heading: 'System for the enhancement of neurophysiological processes'. The Cellfield program is available in the USA, UK, Germany, France, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and now in Canada at Stepping Up Resource Centre.
The Cellfield intervention program consists of 10 one-hour sessions at a Cellfield practice conducted over two weeks with some guided reading at home. There is a follow up reading fluency ‘phase II’ to automatise the newly acquired skills. The program is language based, and uses acoustically modified sound to assist in auditory perception. Aural representation of words are broken down into sound units and are accompanied by their visual representations. There are language exercises that are overlaid by moving graphics that stimulate critical visual functions. This induces attention and enhances the working memory. The program also features repetitive reading, tuition by exception, and a reward system. The data to date shows that initial gains are retained, and the improvement continues at twice the learning rate of normal readers.

In the initial Cellfield tests at the Stepping Up Resource Centre, Ms. Poupart says: “With my first group of four participants, we have seen dramatic results such as in ‘phonological gains’, growth of three grade levels in two weeks, and in ‘reading comprehension’: a growth of 1.5 grade levels in two weeks. Basically explained, Cellfield uses modern computer technologies to create conditions of brain plasticity where students are motivated to perform at their individual limits and in an enjoyable way. I am thrilled to say that this is already happening here with Cellfield at The Stepping Up Resource Centre.
The work of Cellfield has been supported and written about by representatives from the academic and medical field. In his bestselling book, 'The Brain That Changed Itself', the Canadian Dr. Norman Doidge, M.D. (Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher on the faculty at the University of Toronto's Department of Psychiatry, and the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training & Research; author, essayist, poet, and four-time recipient of Canada's ‘National Magazine Gold Award’.) describes published brain plasticity research findings that according to Cellfield’s Mr. Caplygin, are consistent with Cellfield’s intervention design and outcomes: Dr. Doidge writes that: 'Neurons out of sync fail to link’ - and Mr. Caplygin says that this phrase “completely encapsulates the reason for Cellfield and the rationale of its whole approach.
A study of the effectiveness of Cellfield
Professor Max Coltheart, Macquarie University, New South Wales-  Professor Coltheart is one of Australia’s most renowned and distinguished cognitive scientists, and considered to be a world leader in cognitive science, a major influence in the field of cognitive psychology a founder and also a world leader in the sub-discipline of cognitive neuropsychology. Professor Coltheart’s research into dyslexia, delusional beliefs and schizophrenia changed clinical practice in those fields.


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